We are professional moving company that offers its services to a wide range of clients. Our services target both individuals and large corporations. We provide apartment moving, not only businesses but also the relocation of entire companies, including the moving of machinery and heavy loads.

What will we move for you?

Everything that fits within a maximum weight of 300 tons.

Moving with us means maximum assurance of speed, adherence to pre-agreed moving schedules, the safety of your property and constant supervision throughout the moving process to eliminate the possibility of losing any items.

Moving in Prague

Are you from Prague and need help with moving? Contact us and we will gladly assist you with moving in Prague.

Professional moving services

Thanks to our experience and well-developed moving system, we can offer unique qualities in our services.

We are a a well-coordinated team of professional workers who have a perfect overview of the entire moving process. This includes all necessary activities, starting from the moving plan and schedule, through the actual moving process, to the delivery of your property which has been transported and placed at your specified location.

We offer individualized approaches to all our customers based on your preferences and ideas about moving.