They say it's better to burn out than to move. With our company you can quickly forget this saying. We relieve you of all the unpleasant worries and stress associated with moving. We will move you quickly and efficiently.

Our company provides moving apartments, houses, cellars and attics. We are moving in the Czech Republic and across Europe, including all formalities related to customs clearance.

Moving completely

We offer a full service moving households. We work on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. People usually want to move during these days because it interferes with the rhythm of their lives the least.

We will create a complete moving plan tailored to your needs and wishes. We will communicate with you and immediately address any changes that might in the course of moving appartments or houses occur.

We offer professional moving services

Mutual trust is necessary when moving houses and households. We are entering into your homes and manipulating your personal belongings and objects. You can rely on us and turn to us with every problem when moving. Our permanent staff have a lot of experience with moving companies and households. They work professionally and discreetly.

We are fair and do not hide any fees of our services from you. We will be happy to give you in advance the final cost of your order on the phone, email or through demand form.

We ensure complete moving services of your household, including packing personal belongings. We save you unnecessary worries and let you enjoy your new housing.

Moving furnishings

We include professional packing all moved objects to our services. We wrap household furnishings, appliances, personal belongings and small valuables. We will provide professional dismantling of furniture, furniture sets and appliances. We wrap them securely, and will unpack the at new address again. We always begin with your needs and desires. That's why after unpacking we professionally assemble all the furniture and appliances in their place.

We are used to manipulate with fragile antiques or computers. We move large pictures, mirrors and glass surfaces. Everything is packed in protective foil and boxes so it doesn't get damaged or devaluated. We have our own material for safe transport of manipulated objects and after moving we subsequently liquidate it.

The range of our services also includes cleaning job after moving. If you need to dispose your old furniture, let this worry to us. After transporting and unpacking all subjects, we set them accordingly to your instructions to their place. We are willing to handle taking down and installing back the lighting and blinds.

Our staff is handling your property very carefully. If, however, even though, there were some complications, our company is insured up to 15 mil. CZK against possible damage to the load.

Moving heavy loads

Heavy objects are not a problem for us. We possess a sufficient amount of equipment to move heavy loads, and our employees have a long experience of their shift.

Contact us to arrange your appointment with us about moving today. We will be happy to advise what mistakes to avoid when moving during our first call consultation.

If you want to wrap your things yourselves, we'll show you what packaging materials are most suitable. Wrapped things should be always well marked. Save yourself time when unpacking.

We have a trained team of experts on moving, along with the necessary equipment in sufficient quantities. Leave your worries to professionals with years of experience in moving services.