We are the exclusive supplier of stainless steel kitchen tables, fryers and other equipment for the restaurant chain KFC. All of these restaurants in the Czech Republic and Hungary have equipment which they move and transport with our company.

Barrandov Studio Inc. also uses our moving services. For filmmakers, we transport regularly scenery, costumes, and film equipment across Europe.

Regarding our clients in Prague, our know-how of the moving uses regularly, for example, Ekoklima, Inc. for the installation of air conditioning units on the roofs of houses or even company MOOPEX SPA, for which we provide continuous moving and installation of boilers ranging in weight from 400 kg to 5 tonnes.

We are moving bank and corporate vaults as well that no other moving company often can handle.

We have the experience and resources to handle even the most significant moving challenges. For inspiration we can mention for example the relocation of a fountain in Ústí nad Labem. A report about this moving operation was featured in TV Nova.

We also very often relocate and install boilers into basements and air conditioning units on buildings rooftops in collaboration with companies like Metrostav and SKANSKA.

We can move everything up to maximum weight of 300 tons. We know how to do it and our references speak for themselves. Take advantage of our experience and techniques for moving machinery, safes and heavy loads and see for yourself that we are proffesionals in our field.