Our company has longterm experience in moving heavy loads as well as in moving machines. references speak for quality of our services and our reliability. When moving heavy loads, we always use the latest technology, cranes and machinery. Your devices are always safe and under supervision of our professionals while moving.

Rich experience in moving heavy loads

We work continuously for eight years for the client Valeo Praha, Ltd. in Žebrák. Our most interesting work was moving new smelting furnaces that were shipped from Japan. One oven weighed about 30 tons and was 60 meters long. Our task in this was to compile these furnaces into the production line.

HM, s.r.o. is another company who uses our heavy loads moving service.

We performed the moving and installation of boiler room in Slavia football stadium and relocation and installation of boilers and air conditioning units of Skoda Palace. We have no problem with moving presses for plastic bottles weighing 40 tons. In the company Odkolek we did move the furnace while making new floors. We're moving, for example, presses and dryers. These loads are over 10 tons, and move through the chassis. We will provide all the necessary machinery, equipment and technology that is needed for moving them.

We are ready to move all your heavy equipment in our company JUMBO stehovani.

Specific example of technological process in moving heavy loads
Power station Ledvice

Putting 4 horizontal D2500 tanks on final position

Power station Ledvice lies at the foot of the mountains Krušné hory near the town of Bílina and Teplice in Bohemia.

During moving process were carried out the following tasks:

  1. Transport of moving machinery for tanks transporting - we used overhead crane technique. All moving equipment and tanks were taken down the hole into the -4.5 m basement.
  2. Special moving machinery for moving heavy loads was pulled down in the basement and preparation of the path for moving the tanks to stands.
  3. Tanks were tied with ropes and taken down the mounting hole on the prepared moving trucks on which the tank was shifted to individual stands. Inequalities in the basement were overcome with the help of the transport beams.
  4. The tanks were shifted by rope hupcuks attached to concrete columns which are in the basement.
  5. The tanks were lifted by hydraulic jacks for directing the moving trains. Hydraulic jacks were also used to pull the tank from moving trains on the stand.
  6. After moving all the tanks, all our equipment and machinery for moving heavy loads was taken back up through the mounting hole and loaded onto a vehicle.