•  Size is not a problem for us
    Size is not a problem for us

    Moving heavy loads

  • Size is not a problem for us
    Size is not a problem for us

    Moving machines

  • Size is not a problem for us
    Size is not a problem for us

    Moving for companies

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Only with us you understand, that the whole moving operation from residential areas to over a several hundred-ton equipment and machinery can go smoothly and with no problem. We take care of everything for you. 

Why to choose Jumbo

Professional approach

Jumbo stehovani provides the entire moving process professionally from planning and schedule to actual implementation. Our professionals and high-tech equipment are at your disposal. We also provide moving apartments and houses in Prague and the Czech Republic. If you use our services in Prague location, you will definitely be satisfied with our speed. We will load everything, deliver to the destination of your choice, and deploy. We guarantee a personal approach and comprehensive services to your satisfaction. 

Detailed plan

We create a moving plan tailored to client and location. We will provide all the necessary documentation, dismantling and disconnecting of moved objects, packing, loading, handling, all carried out with maximum caution, safe transport and new construction at the destination. High weight and oversize objects are no problem for us. We use special handling, lifting and supporting technology. It often happens that moving companies have little experience with a higher load board, but most people know where to go - to the Jumbo stehovani.

Related services

We recommend to order our services and experts 10 to 14 days in advance, especially if you plan on moving on weekends or holidays. We will advise you on what to remember, what mistakes to avoid and help you with the packaging. We prepare and pack all the things for moving, including personal ones. You need not worry even about small and valuable items. We transport safely even antiques and art objects. We have rich and long experience in our field.

Experiences/ quality

We will ensure the smooth moving process, and we are able to flexibly respond to possible complications. Our highly qualified staff is very experienced, professional, and diligent in their work. Their activities is not just to take and move. They must be able to operate special equipment, demontage and constraction of various devices and at the same time realize that they are constantly in direct contact with the client and all should be done to his complete satisfaction.

Domestic and international transport

  • We provide transfer of loads up to 300 tons of weight
  • We move and deliver all over the Czech republic and Europe
  • If needed, we can provide services including Saturdays and Sundays, with work on multiple workstations simultaneously
  • We provide transportation with vehicles IVECO DAILY and FIAT SCUDO
  • We are equipped with packaging technology for transportation of fragile and valuable cargo
  • We provide complete demontage and construction of furniture, packing personal belongings before moving
  • We are insured against damage of transported cargo (15 mil. CZK) and we guarantee the integrity of our staff performing these works
  • In case of disposal of unneeded furniture, we use landfills or waste collection yards
  • Demontage and construction of furniture when moving appartments and houses
  • Route planning
  • Express road transport
  • Turnkey moving – from packing to unpacking
  • Clearances and disposing of unneeded furniture 
  • Cleaning services after moving

About Jumbo stěhování

Jumbo stehovani provides moving heavy loads and machinery (weights up to 300 tons, including montages and demontages of machinery), moving appartments and houses, company offices and companies, moving banks and offices, warehouses and shops, as well as moving basements and attics. We move all over the country and abroad.

Our company is specialized in this field and we own both a technical and professional staff and machinery.

We will move not only in Prague but throughout the Czech Republic and in Europe, including customs clearance. We can work even with the most demanding requirements of our clients. We are specialist in moving heavy loads and moving heavy machinery. Moving is a breeze for us. Machines are arranged, analyzed, delivered and montaged by us. We provide transfer of loads of weight to 300 tons. Then we focus on household moving, moving companies and moving in Prague. Everything is solved individually according to customer's needs, whether it is business or private person.